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I want to alert you to a new phone number for all elder legal services intake 1-866-778-0939 which will be effective July 5, 2011.   I am attaching a flyer on this new service, which will be the intake and screening number for cases within our case priorities, requiring our legal expertise, or referred to us for followup.
Wynn Gerhard, Greater Boston Legal Services
New Fax and Email Options November 2012
I am reaching out since seniors and providers have had problems accessing services using the Senior Legal Helpline.   We are looking for ways to improve access and give seniors as many options as possible.
Two options we put in place immediately are the option to do an online or fax intake.
Online intakes are currently available by going to our website, www.larcma.org, and clicking on "Apply for Legal Services" from the list on the upper left of the hompage.
I am also happy to receive e-mail intakes with scanned documents from service providers.   If this works for you, you can just scan the attached fax intake form with any documents and e-mail them to me.   It would be most helpful, but not necessary, if you scan and e-mail me the forms and documents instead of faxing them.
Please contact me if there are any problems. The goal is to contact the elder the same or next day the fax/e-mail arrives.
Diane Paulson from GBLS indicated that if clients continue to have problems obtaining timely responses, they can get in touch with her at dpaulson@gbls.org, or 617-603-1578.
Stephen A. Russo, Staff Attorney, Legal Advocacy and Resource Center, 197 Friend Street, Boston MA 02114-1802
617-603-1726 (direct) 617-371-1188 (fax) srusso@gbls.org

Mass Senior Legal Helpline Flyers

The Massachusetts Senior Legal Helpline is a project made in collaboration with the Massachusetts Executive Office of Elders Affairs, the Legal Advocacy & Resource Center, the Massachusetts Justice Project and the Massachusetts legal services providers.   This project is made possible with a grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration on Aging.

Guide to Veterans' Laws and Benefits

The Secretary of State's Citizen Information Service and the Department of Veterans' Services collaborate to produce a guide called Veterans' Laws and Benefits.
You can download a PDF formatted version of the guide or view the guide in your browser as an html document.
The Veterans' Laws and Benefits guides are available from the Citizen Information Service by calling 617-727-7030 / 800-392-6090 (toll-free in MA only).

National Senior Citizens Law Center (NSCLC)

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