Berkley–PT Program Director


Goal: To assist the seniors of Berkley, MA to remain in the community and their homes as long as they are safely able.  To increase socialization of seniors who might otherwise be “shut ins”.  To provide a dedicated space where the seniors of this Community can expect to interact with other seniors in activities, health awareness, physical, intellectual, and emotional stimulation 5 days a week.

Definition: Professional, supervisory, administrative and social service responsibility in developing and implementing programs that will serve this community’s elder citizens; all other related work as required in this role.

Supervision: Works under the policy and procedure direction of the Berkley Council on Aging and Board of Selectmen.  Works directly with the Berkley COA Board members, volunteers and is a Liaison between Berkley COA, Board of Selectmen and appropriate outside agencies.  Applicant will need sound interpersonal skills and professionalism to enhance the Liaison role.  Practicing discretion and reinforcing confidentiality is essential.

Job Environment: Office work is performed in a typical office setting within the Council on Aging assigned area of the Town Hall.  Interaction in the Community, with other Town Offices, as well as, State Representatives and organizations will be expected.  Must clear a CORI check.

Essential Functions: Performs varied and responsible duties that require initiative and sound judgement in the implementation of service programs.  Confers in a professional manner and dress with state and local officials.  Provides educational experiences for volunteers and COA board members following policies of the COA.

Develops and implements social, educational, recreational, and health programs for senior citizens following COA policy.  Confers with state and local officials, as well as, professional and community organizations to develop better ways to meet the needs of Berkley Seniors.

Politely and personably provides answers to questions and provides information by telephone and in person.  Provides direct counseling to senior citizens.  Responsible for maintaining related files and records and assists them in filing applications for assistance programs when indicated.  Is responsible for ensuring that the CORI process is in place for all staff and volunteers annually.

Prepares and administers the department’s budget: informs the Council on Aging Board and Board of Selectmen of pending State or Federal grants and prepares the grant applications.  Administers received grants per grant expectation with the COA Board.  Develops a strong working relationship with Bristol Elder Services.  Participates in local and regional government efforts in anticipating the expansion and improvement of services for seniors.  Works directly with local media to promote available programs and special events.

Establishes strong relationships with Board of Council on Aging, Friends of COA, volunteers and other senior groups to develop a strong, cooperative resource group.   Ensures that all equipment, games etc. are age appropriate and safe for use.  Ensures that town janitorial services are maintaining the physical environment.  Performs other similar or related duties as required or as the situation indicated.

Recommended Qualifications:

Education and Experience: Bachelor’s Degree is preferred in health and human services or related field.  Two years of experience in human services field working with the elderly or any equivalent combination of education and experience.  CPR community certification.

Knowledge, ability and skills: Sound knowledge of Federal and State services and local resources available to seniors.  Must have the interpersonal skills to develop effective and constructive working relationships with senior citizens, service providers, human service agencies and the general public.

Must have the ability to anticipate the needs of both mobile and immobile elderly and the ability to understand the socioeconomic make up of Berkley MA and its’ residents.

Must have the computer skills and understand and manage the COA budget and finances.  Being able to effectively train employees and volunteers is essential to this role.  Applicants must have sound verbal and written skills.

19 ½ hours $20,000 YR