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Thanks for all your great work.

As of 9pm Monday May 20th 2019, our two lead amendments received significant support from the Senate:

  • Fully funding the Service Incentive Grant Program while maintaining $12/Formula Grant = 21 co-sponsors
  • Additional funding for Elder Mental Health = 17 co-sponsors

We now await the full Senate debate which begins this (Tuesday) morning.  Stay tuned- But -for now accept my gratitude for your extraordinary efforts!


David P. Stevens
Executive Director
Massachusetts Councils on Aging
Cell: 413.539.0565

Details/Key: Amendment #= Line Item & Description

MCOA led amendments:

655= 9110-9002 SIG

  • #21 co-sponsors= Rausch, Ms. Jehlen, Messrs. Brady, Moore and Welch, Ms. DiZoglio, Messrs. Finegold, Feeney, O’Connor and Eldridge, Ms. Comerford, Messrs. Kennedy, Lesser, Timilty, Keenan and Hinds, Ms. Gobi, Messrs. Collins and Montigny, deMacedo and Tran

578 =9110-1640 EMHOT

  • #17 co-sponsors= Cyr, Ms. Jehlen, Messrs. Eldridge and Welch, Ms. DiZoglio, Messrs. Feeney, O’Connor and Moore, Ms. Rausch, Messrs. Timilty, Keenan, Collins and Montigny, Tran, deMacedo and Brady and Ms. Gobi

MCOA actively supported these amendments as well:

434= 4000-0300 SNAP GAP

  • #19 co-sponsors DiDomenico and Eldridge, Ms. Comerford, Messrs. Welch and Moore, Ms. Jehlen, Ms. DiZoglio, Messrs. Crighton and Tarr, Ms. Gobi, Ms. Rausch, Messrs. Collins, Finegold, Brady, Kennedy, Timilty and Cyr and Lesser and O’Connor

541= xxxx-xxxx Home Care Aide Skills Training

  • #4 co-sponsors Jehlen, Mr. Moore and Ms. DiZoglio and O’Connor

539= xxxx-xxxx Salary Adjustment

  • #9 co-sponsors Jehlen, Mr. Moore, Ms. Rausch, Messrs. Feeney, Eldridge, Brady and Crighton, deMacedo and O’Connor

544= 4400-1001 Healthy Incentives Program

  • #24 co-sponsors Gobi, Ms. Comerford, Messrs. Lesser, Brady, Crighton, Welch, Kennedy, Eldridge and Moore, Ms. Rausch, Ms. DiZoglio, Mr. Feeney, Ms. Jehlen, Messrs. Humason, O’Connor, Timilty and Tarr, Ms. Chang-Diaz, Messrs. Collins, Hinds, Cyr, Fattman and Finegold and Montigny

492= 9110-1604 Supportive Housing

  • #8 co-sponsors   Crighton, Ms. Jehlen, Messrs. Moore, Feeney, Fattman, Brady and Collins and O’Connor


MCOA Membership should recognize that certain members because of leadership position cannot sign onto amendments; in addition some members prefer not to sign onto multiple statewide initiatives to focus on local needs. We ask that you simply thank them for at least considering our request.

 Leadership = 17 both Democrats & Republican though some have signed on Cyr(EMHO lead) O’Connor

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