The Director is expected to spend a significant portion of their time in the field providing technical assistance to the 350 municipalities that have established a COA. The will also be charge with delivering and expanding the range of training opportunities offered by MCOA and EOEA as well as revise and update several of our existing training manuals.

Under the supervision of the MCOA Executive Director and in coordination with the other Member Services Director this position will:

  1. Implement support services in conjunction of the Agencies’ Major and Additional Focuses;
  2. Coordinate with each of our six Work Groups to set a statewide training date(s) to meet the needs of said group: Outreach, Wellness, Programming, New Directors, Volunteer Coordinators, and COA Board;
  3. Review, update, and or create training manuals for each of these work groups;
  4. Coordinate MCOA’s Membership Meetings;
  5. Assist with MCOA’s Fall and Spring Conferences;
  6. Establish Regional Government Days (Trainings from state officials on Procurement, Ethics, OCFP, Records Retention, and/or CORI);
  7. Establish Regional Protective Service Trainings with EOEA;
  8. Oversee MCOA’s Multicultural Diversity Training;
  9. Promote the value in NISC Accreditation and MCOA Certification;
  10. Assist MCOA’s Fiscal Team with invoicing, tracking and auditing of agencies activities;
  11. Focus on Marketing MCOA’s mission, training events, and other objectives to our members and the public at large;
  12. Oversee the needs of MCOA’s Regional Affiliates;
  13. Coordinate other trainings events as they arise;
  14. Develop a statewide Mentorship Program for Directors and Staff of municipal COAs; and
  15. Oversee the roles and responsibilities of MCOA’s Regional Representative designees.

Other duties/projects as assigned by Executive Director.

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