The Director is expected to spend a significant portion of their time in the field providing technical assistance to the 350 municipalities that have established a COA. The will also be charge with delivering and expanding the range of training opportunities offered by MCOA and EOEA as well as revise and update several of our existing training manuals.

Under the supervision of the MCOA Executive Director and in coordination with the other Member Services Director this position will:
1. Implement support services in conjunction of the Agencies’ Major Focus on Nutrition;
2. ID existing services provided by municipal COAs/ update COA inventory.
ID and actively participate with coalitions targeting malnutrition within the older adult cohort.
3. ID existing resources including support services provided by EOEA.
4. ID gaps and target zones (food deserts).
5. Convene a Nutrition Advisory Council to guide this project and set measurable outcomes. Initially, we anticipate this to be statewide but the need for regional/local Advisory Councils may be desirable.
6. Work with municipalities and regions to address defined needs.
7. Educate networks locally about available resources for older adults, Including, but not limited to COAs, ASAP, Shelters, Hospitals, and other organization targeting malnutrition.
8. Assemble and disseminate educational materials and available resources to consumers and caregivers in coordination with EOEA, MA Meals on Wheels Association and local hospitals.
9. Respond to Secretary Sudders’ challenge to increase usage of SNAP & HIP benefits.
10.Work with local COAs to expand, as needed, COA Food Pantries, brown bag programs, farmers’ market coupons, and meal services provided by local COAs.
11. Develop tools for municipal COAs to ensure compliance of state standards (food safe), and promote access to available resources (commodities).
12. Work closely with the Executive Office of Elder Affairs and others I\improve the nutritional health of our Commonwealths’ older adults
13. Develop new programs, resources, and funding as indicated.
14. Actively engage local municipalities to highlight Malnutrition Awareness Week.
15. Other duties as directed by the Executive Director

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