Here is the info on three other activities that we are executing in Dracut. The first 2 are kits with all the materials and information to tune into local cable to watch the class. The last is a kit with phone number for telephone conference bingo.

All the files are in this shared drive:

Where possible they are PDFs for those who do not have publisher. I also included the publisher version so if you want to replicate the program you have a file you can cut/paste and adapt to your own.

Here is how we advertise the three programs in our newsletter (newsletter is in the shared drive) plus my notes on executing the program in blue:

Take Home Kits: 3 Options
There are three different take home kits below. Reserve one or more kits by leaving a message at the Senior Center. Kits are fun and free. Once you reserve your kit, they can be picked
up outside the Senior Center during set hours:

Thursday, April 16th 10 AM to 12 PM
Thursday, April 23rd 10 AM to 1 PM
Friday, April 24th 10 AM to 1 PM

If you are reading this newsletter after the pickup dates have past, or need kit delivery, leave us a message at 978-957-2611

Art with Joan Turner
Look forward to a different art project each week for the next 5 weeks! Our Art Teacher Joanie will demonstrate the project on DATV. A kit is available free of charge that includes all the supplies you need as well as DATV viewing information.

In addition to a drive up pick up of kits we also offered delivery. The kit is all the materials to do 5 art classes. Then the person can tune in to local cable on a set day and time, or watch on demand on the cable’s YouTube page to follow along with the art teacher. The kit assumes the person receiving it will have zero supplies already at home.

Although Joan is a teacher in Dracut she owns a studio and is more like an independent contractor. She has already taped all 5 art classes and they are not town specific. She is willing to work with other senior centers to facilitate the same program. In the drive linked above is the paper included in the kits that shows the 5 projects and the viewing information. (As of right now all the supplies are not in yet so we are postponing the airing date). An invoice with the supply cots is in the shared drive so you have an idea of costs. Supplies were purchased to make 40 kits. In Dracut 13 kits have already been reserved by seniors so we know there is interest.

Joan Turner’s contact information is Further contact info is on the invoice in the shared link above.

The shared link contains:
– the paper with a picture of the 5 projects and viewing information
– the supply invoice for an idea of supplies needed and costs

Crafting with Bethany Loveless
Similar to Art with Joan, a kit with all the supplies to put together 5 different craft projects will be available. Then, join Bethany via DATV to craft together. Viewing information will be included in the kit.

A kit with all the supplies needed to complete 5 different craft projects. As with the art project kit, it was assumed that the seniors would not have any of the materials already at home. Kits were available for pick-up and delivery. All 70 kits went home to people!!! We ran out. Planning a round 2 and hope to prep for 100 kits. In the kit was the paper with when to watch local cable for the craft class as well as the link to get it on demand on-line. I and one of my staff members taped the class together over zoom from our own homes. It is Dracut specific so the videos would not be useful to other COA’s. Plus, half the point of the kits is doing an activity “with” staff they recognize. If you would like to see our videos here is the link: There was a paper for each activity with a list of the supplies needed for that class (Some supplies were used for more than one class so I could not be a simple, 1 Ziploc bag per project). The sheet also had many pictures of ideas of things you could do with the project. No really any directions for most of them for they are more open ended project we can do together. Goal was to have enough pieces to each project that we could do some “together” and then they would have other aspects they could do on their own to take up more of their day.

The shared link contains:
– PDF and Publisher version of the paper with 5 projects and viewing information
– PDF and Publisher of each of the projects individual sheets
– Photos of what each kit contained see this link:
– Supply list from S&S worldwide (they are in CT so it ships fast. I ordered during a 40% off sale but they keep doing different sales each week, plus try to talk them down if it is a large order)
o Also purchased 2 sided Sharpies from our office supply company
o Purchased quart and gallon Ziploc bags from office supply company
o Used new plastic grocery bags donated from a grocery store to put the 5 kits into one bag

Bingo via conference call
We know this twice a week activity is sorely missed by a number of our members. At the same time, there are many of you stuck at home who might not have been able to play with us before – Well, now is your chance! Kits are available with a bingo dauber and all the papers to play twice a week for the next 8 weeks (just in case). We will play Mondays and Thursdays at 1:00 PM. No computer needed just call 1-978-328-0828.

Kit contains the disposable bingo papers and dauber to play 2x a week for 8 weeks. A volunteer is doing the calling from her own home. She is using a deck of bingo cards to do the calling, similar to these:
Game is played over telephone conference. The number we are using we worked out with MySeniorCenter. Our Friends Group is allowing small cash prizes. Bingo caller is keeping track of the winners to give then winnings when the world opens up again. All 100 kits went out to homes and we are currently making more. Seniors who never play bingo are playing now because it is something to look forward to.

The Shared link includes the directions included in the kit that tells people the number to call and the order of games to be played.

I would be happy to give people whatever addition details needed to launch anything like this.

– We advertised the kits on Facebook, in our newsletter and via email. I planned on advertising in the paper and such, but we ran out of kits.
– We had kit requests from seniors who were not previously active at our center so we feel that is a win
– We are using the groups section of MSC to keep track of who has what kits.
– We have COVID-19 events set up in MSC and are logging seniors each time they play bingo, each time cable shows a craft class etc.

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