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MCOA Members:

Just released: House Ways and Means (HWM) FY 22 Budget

9110-1640: “For the geriatric mental health program, including outreach, counseling, resource management and system navigation for community-dwelling elders with mental health needs …………………………….. $1,200,000″

9110-9002: For grants to the councils on aging and for grants to or contracts with non- public entities which are consortia or associations of councils on aging; provided, that notwithstanding the former proviso, all funds appropriated in this item shall be expended under the distribution schedules for formula and incentive grants established by the secretary of elder affairs; provided further, that the formula grant portion of this item shall be $12 per-elder; and provided further, that not later than February 14, 2022, the distribution schedules shall be submitted to the house and senate committees on ways and means …………………………………….. $17,066,651″


  1. Additional revenues ($200,000) included for expansion of the geriatric mental health program 9110-1640: To Be Determined after Senate Ways and Means if that expansion will be for existing projects or for “new projects.”
  2. Level funding indicates HWM chose the Option B: Wait and See Approach/Issue a Supplemental after US Census is finalized. This option (B) was proffered by Governor Baker and fully endorsed by our MCOA Board to “wait for the final US Census Count before determining the allocation for FY22.” The Administration will propose a “supplemental” later in FY22.

Member Reminders:

  1. Even if the supplemental allocation does not come until after the winter holidays, Governor Baker has changed this line item protocols to allow carryover into the next fiscal year.
  2. Use your FY21 allocation has your planning figure for FY22. Stay tuned.

Thus there is no need for any floor amendments pertaining to these line items. 

Please thank your state representatives for their support and let them know MCOA is pleased with the outcome- no floor amendments necessary.

Find your Rep here:

Next steps: Thank House and expect Senate Ways and Means (SWM) to issue their version early/mid-May.


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