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Congratulations to all of you on your ongoing efforts to provide quality services to our Commonwealth’s older adults. You transformed, evolved and adapted our network in ways we could never have dreamed of. We have seen tremendous changes over the last year but one thing that remains is your unwavering dedication and commitment which strengthened over the last few years in the face of COVID-19, and has been recognized by this Administration, and the Legislature. 

The Final FY23 budget not only continues to allocate $12 per elder for the Formula Grants but also provides an additional $1.3 million dollars for Elder Mental Health programs!

To Recap, for FY23 we requested:
Line Item #9110-9002 = $22,366,019
Line Item #9110-1640 = $2.5million

Here are the excerpts from the FY23 Budget that the Governor just signed, referred to as GAA (General Appropriations Acct)

9110-9002         For grants to the councils on aging and for grants to or contracts with nonpublic entities that are consortia or associations of councils on aging; provided, that notwithstanding the preceding proviso, all funds appropriated in this item shall be expended under the distribution schedules for formula and incentive grants established by the secretary of elder affairs; provided further, that the formula grant portion of this item shall be $12 per-elder; provided further, that not later than February 1, 2023, the distribution schedules shall be submitted to the house and senate committees on ways and means; $24,888,519 (this also includes $2,522,500 in earmarks)

9110-1640         For the geriatric mental health program, including outreach, counseling, resource management and system navigation for community-dwelling older adults with mental health needs…………………………………………………………………………………… $2,500,000

Click here for further details on the FY23 Final GAA Budget:

We are very excited about the increase in the line item 9110-9002 for the Formula Grants! As the 2020 census figures have not yet been released we are not yet sure about the implementation of the allocation. We have started to talk about this with the Administration, and as soon as we have further information about implementation we will let you know immediately.

Now we all need to say thank you: LOUDLY!

Please be sure to reach out and thank your legislators and the Governor for their support of COAs!! It is important to follow through on this last step and express your gratitude.

Please refer to for ideas on how else to say thank you.

Thank you all again for your efforts in achieving our goals!


Elizabeth H. Connell
Interim Executive Director
Massachusetts Association of Councils on Aging

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on Aging

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