Ideas for a Thank You Campaign

At various times throughout the year, it is critically important to publicly thank your legislators and the Governor for their support of Line Item #9110-9002 – Local Aide to Councils on Aging.


  • Conduct a thank you letter-writing campaign party at your senior center;
  • Invite your legislators to your summer picnic, holiday party or ice cream socials and publicly thank them;
  • Add a feature article in your newsletter thanking all involved and stating how the formula grant is spent in your town;
  • Send a letter to the editor of your local paper thanking and detailing how your formula grant will be spent;
  • During the public comment period of your Select Board/City Council meeting, stand up and speak out – publicly thanking all involved;
  • If you operate a cable show, ask your legislators to be a guest and talk about the difficult budget year – and then publicly thank them for their efforts;
  • Produce a ‘big check’ with your Formula Grant amount on it and stage a photo op for the local newspaper with your legislators. Put the picture in your monthly newsletter
  • If you have a town chat room, make sure you mention your gratitude on it;
  • Have your board send a thank you note signed by all;
  • Use Social Media to mention your appreciation: post on Facebook; or tweet something;
  • Repeat often.

One last note: Over the 20 years our support has been bipartisan (both Republicans and Democrats) and bicameral (both Legislative Chambers- House and Senate). Though thanking your legislators for their support year round is advisable, you should avoid election season (September-November of an even numbered year) to avoid the appearance of endorsing one candidate over another. Use your best judgment or consult locally as to what is appropriate.