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MCOA Membership and Allies: ACTION NEEDED Several Floor Amendments have been filed on behalf of municipal Councils on Aging. Two are extremely important to MCOA and we ask our Membership and allies to conduct a full court press and encourage your Senator to sign on to both Amendments #559 and #452. In addition, to these…(Read More)

MCOA Membership SWM releases their proposal for FY19 budget and sets Formula Grant at $11. Details below of the three versions published so far… Senate Ways and Means releases its version of FY19 Budget…  9110-9002 BOTTOM LINE $11/elder For grants to the councils on aging and for grants to or contracts with non…(Read More)

Amendment # 327 to FY19 HWM: Elder Behavioral Health The HWM Committee did not include funding for our Elder Behavioral Health in FY19; which means our 5 current EMHOT Projects would cease June 30th and our efforts to develop Behavioral Health Programs statewide would be dealt a significant setback. MCOA is asking all members to…(Read More)

Members of the House of Representatives: The Massachusetts Association of Councils on Aging requests your support for Amendment #327 (text below) to the proposed HWM FY19 Budget (H4400). Currently an earmark for FY18 is funding 5 pilot EMHOT projects, (Elder Mental Health Outreach Teams) across our Commonwealth that are helping older adults cope with depression…(Read More)

***ACTION NEEDED*** MCOA Membership The House Ways and Means Committee released its proposed FY19 Budget and here are the highlights (see a summary chart provided by the Home Care Aide Council below): HWM funded Line Item #9110-9002 at the same level as the Governor’s proposal, $16,615,125 with a specific provision to…(Read More)

MCOA Membership As we await the House Ways and Means Budget on Wednesday, April 11th we ask our membership to be prepared to act. Five potential outcomes from the HWM proposal: A cut/highly unlikely = reduction to Formula and SIG grants Level Funding/unlikely = $9.70/elder $11/elder/possible= $15.6million MCOA’s Original…(Read More)

March 1, 2018 To the 190th General Court: As March begins and the 190th General Court begins its work on Commonwealth’s FY’19 budget, the Massachusetts Association of Councils on Aging wanted to provide an update on our campaign of reaching $12/elder/year- “A Buck a Month” and ask for your support of…(Read More)

Line Item Allocation for COAs with a $10, $11, & $12 per elder Formula Grant (xls file) The 222 Plan – 2020 Census Projections with a $10, $11, & $12 Formula Grant (xls file…(Read More)