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January 4, 2019   Members of the 191st General Court Commonwealth of Massachusetts On behalf of the 350 cities and towns that have established a municipally based Council on Aging, I want to thank members of the 190th General Court for their support of increasing the COA Formula Grant to $12/elder/year. This form…(Read More)



Frequently Asked Questions by David P. Stevens/MCOA During my 25 years at the helm of the Massachusetts Councils on Aging, this is what I have learned regarding the Service Incentive Grant Program.  It is important to note that this is my historical recollection and interpretation of the program, not necessarily the only interpretation. I…(Read More)

MCOA Members:  GREAT NEWS from the Conference Committee. They embraced $12/elder in Formula Grant for FY19…one year ahead of schedule. This would also set the minimum allocation to small COAs at $6000/year beginning July 1, 2018. In addition, they included the Mental Health Earmark for $500,000 in Line Item #5046-0000…(Read More)

MCOA suggests that local COAs and particularly Senior Consumers review “An Act to Promote Housing Choices” H4290 which is currently before the House Ways and Means Committee. This Act proposes to simplify zoning laws to allow for more Senior Housing. AARP is on record asking HWM to favorably discharge this piece of legislation this session…(Read More)

Final FY19 Ask


June 11, 2018 To the 190st General Court: On behalf of the Massachusetts Association of Councils on Aging we would like to thank the leadership and the rank and file from both chambers for their FY19 budget proposals for our Commonwealth’s budget; each has its merits. Our Board of Directors wishes to share their…(Read More)

MCOA Membership: As I mentioned when we began the Senate process for the FY19 Budget, MCOA requested changes to the proposals as submitted by our Governor (House 2) and the final House proposal (House 4401). Both included the lofty objective of $12/elder (a year ahead of schedule) but they both failed to restore the…(Read More)

MCOA Membership and Allies: ACTION NEEDED Several Floor Amendments have been filed on behalf of municipal Councils on Aging. Two are extremely important to MCOA and we ask our Membership and allies to conduct a full court press and encourage your Senator to sign on to both Amendments #559 and #452. In addition, to these…(Read More)