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COVID-19 Vaccine

Vaccine Locations and Preregistration:

These tools are in addition to the newly initiated Preregistration System. More details can be found at:

More extraordinary tools have been provided by the Administration at,  that reflects the current distribution of vaccines and details municipal data by age.


COVID19 Vaccine 75 Companion Information 2.10.2021 FINAL

COA Vaccine Transportation Letter 2 8 21 (1)

Driver Template Letter 2 8 2012 (1)

Updated Instructions for 75+ COVID-19 Vaccine Scheduling 2.5.2021


COVID-19 Vaccine educational toolkit educational & webinar invitation


Guidance from EOEA

MassVaccination Sites contact information 3.11

Stakeholder Homebound Vaccination Program Resource Guide 3.23.2021

Job Aid for Aging Services Professionals on COVID-19 Vaccine Information – Updated 3.18.2021

COVID-19 Vaccine for Individuals Ages 65 and Older Overview FINAL – 2.17.2021

COVID-19 Vaccine for Individuals with Underlying Conditions Overview FINAL – 2.17.2021

Memo from Secretary Sudders to ‘Local Health Colleagues’ 2.17.2021

Suggested Talking Points – Questions on Scheduling Appointments for 75+1.27.2021 (002)


Important Links

Important links on the commonwealth’s vaccination plan and we recommend you bookmark and check them frequently, as new information is added frequently, and changes are made.

EOEA believes that the majority of COA staff will fall into the Phase 2, Group 2 prioritization of other essential workers, along with teachers, public health workers, food pantry staff, workers in the passenger ground transportation industry and other in person roles. Please continue to check​​ for updated information on the vaccine rollout.

The Phase 1, Group 5  prioritization of home based health care workers was specifically designed for people working inside the home with consumers/patients (see communication)

​For general overall information on the vaccine program, go to:

Currently there are three phases in the Vaccine Plan, and these phases include approximate times lines which are subject to change. For information and updates on the vaccine distribution timeline and to learn where you and others fit into the COVID-19 vaccine distribution timeline, go to:

Massachusetts Weekly COVID-19 Vaccination report, (number of doses of vaccine shipped and administered; number of people vaccinated; Vaccine distribution numbers by county; Age and race/ethnicity breakdowns of those receiving vaccines; and Vaccines administered by different types of providers).

Important link to frequently asked questions regarding the COVID-19 Vaccine:

Map of Vaccine Locations for Individuals currently eligible for vaccination:


Other Vaccine Information Resources

MCOA Vaccination Plan Questions submitted to the Administration

COVID fatigue has resulted in some people dropping their guard. To learn why and more importantly what you can do about it, go to:

Learn why, Post-vaccination, there will be a continued need to wear masks and maintain physical distance:

​For information on Dementia and the COVID-19 Vaccine, click here:

Call with EOEA 1.28.2021

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