Updated 4/8/2020

What if have questions for EOEA?  COAs should contact Adam Frank, or Assistant Secretary, Carole Malone at:

Adam Frank
Grants and Council on Aging Coordinator
Phone:  (617) 222-7428
Cell:  ​(617) 767-1475

Carole L. Malone
Assistant Secretary
Executive Office of Elder Affairs
One Ashburton Place, 5th floor
Boston, MA  02108
Phone:  617-222-7568
Cell: 857-294-0085

Can we, the Senior Center staff, help people respond to the Census online, using their ID and with the client on the phone providing their information directly?  Communities should weigh in with their city or town solicitor.

Update: 4/8/2020:  Paper surveys are coming to those who have not responded.  Read the press release from the Secretary of State’s Office.  Please contact Uriel Molina with any questions regarding census.

We have people offering to deliver food or Rx or other necessities – how can we be sure they’re not passing the virus on to our vulnerable population?  Follow the guidance provided by the CDC and the Massachusetts Dept. of Public Health, here: https://www.mass.gov/info-details/covid-19-guidance-and-directives

Should COA’s continue to accept donations of durable medical equipment?  COAs with concerns about taking in medical equipment as donations at this time should check with their local boards of health.

Can I continue to refer seniors to SHINE?  Yes, SHINE Counselors are working remotely and you can still refer seniors to the SHINE Program.

Are there guidelines for remote meetings? Yes.  MMA has provided the following for remote meetings:

Remote Meeting Script (00022231xA050C)

Remote Participation Checklist for COVID-19 Emergency (00022229xA050C)


What should we do to prepare for COVID-19 impacts to our Senior Center? Follow the Guidance for community day program settings (e.g. Adult Day Health, Day Habilitation, Clubhouses, Councils on Aging, etc.): issued by mass.gov here: https://www.mass.gov/info-details/covid-19-guidance-and-recommendations#for-community-day-programs-


What are other centers doing? MCOA is in the process of collecting this information; Please ensure you complete this form: https://mcoaonline.com/coronavirus/coa-status/

Once MCOA has received initial reporting, we will start to provide informational updates on COA’s across the Commonwealth our main Coronavirus webpage here: https://mcoaonline.com/coronavirus/


What is the status of MCOA events and trainings, etc.? MCOA will be regularly updating this information, so please check this link for updates: https://mcoaonline.com/training/event-schedule/


What other things should we be thinking about? Depending upon the actions your community takes regarding your centers activities, you may need to consider assessing how your COA can assist seniors outside of the center. Seniors may need assistance with:

  • Accessing Food, Medications & other supplies: if they are not able to shop for themselves. Meals on Wheels, food banks or store and/or pharmacy deliveries may need to be arranged to provide sufficient nutrition. Involve available family members or neighbors if necessary.
  • Social Connections:Social isolation may be experienced by seniors who depend on the center to interact with friends and your staff. Consider collaborating with social service agencies to provide telecommunication options (Face time, Phone calls, etc.)
  • Welfare Checks:Consider contacting other agency service providers such as community paramedics or neighborhood watch groups to collaborate on checking on the welfare of seniors in your community.

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