Testimonials and Success Stories


Many people in the Ipswich 50+ Job Seekers Networking Group have expressed the gratitude that they feel they are not alone and enjoy the camaraderie and support that the networking group provides.  Members return because they feel encouraged and supported in this environment.  The group leader, Debbi Hope, is patient, listens well and encourages the independence of each member to pursue their dreams.  She has helped open people’s minds from being narrowly focused on what they have done to go out of their comfort zone to find opportunities based on their skills versus their past industrial experience.

The Ipswich networking group has had many success stories since we started meeting in September  that include:

Tony K – after more soul searching and the realization that the funeral industry is not as busy as it used to be, Tony has received a new job. He will be a Recovery Specialist with Lahey Health Behavioral Services in Danvers.

Claire S. – accepted a part time position at an art gallery in Newburyport.

Ellen T. has taken a part time position with Marini Farm Bakery.

Barbara M – will be volunteering to do landscaping at a state park.

Ellen T. has interviewed for a job within her field of interest.

Susan H. has been attending Meet-Up sessions and encouraged other members of the networking group to investigate and attend these meetings.

Christine H. got a job as an instructional technologist – got the job on LinkedIn – saw the company looking at her; applied for the job; got the job. Made changes to add ‘critical words’ to the resume based on discussions at the 50+ networking sessions.

Teresa F. – has a verbal job offer pre-sales for a company that sells purchasing software.


After six successes, 50+ job seekers group is back