January 9, 2020 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Bedford Senior Center

The Massachusetts Councils on Aging is pleased to announce Master Training for the UCLA Memory Training Program.  MCOA has purchased a statewide license to allow COA’s to provide an evidence-based program .   I strongly encourage this training for communities considering or engaged in Dementia-Friendly Massachusetts.

This program will allow COA staff to be trained on delivering a four-week one-hour program that will allow participants to present training that will:

  • Help younger members of the community engage senior center activities
  • Address common age-related memory concerns.
  • Engage younger members of the community in the Senior Center on an ongoing basis.
  • Help identify members of the COA community who may need to be redirected to their Doctor or Neurologist for additional screening for dementia.
  • Improve the community quality of your COA by having people recognize and call others by name.

We encourage two people to attend the meeting as the training is best delivered by two people at a single site.

The training will be delivered regionally at a cost of 30.00 per person.  MCOA will provide training materials for the first 15 training sessions.   See below for the registration information.

Register Here

For more information on the program, go here:


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