Capacity Building and Technical Assistance Services

Offer Expert Technical Assistance to COA Directors

Kathy Bowler and Donna Popkin consult with new Directors as they adjust to their new roles and acquire all the skills they need to do their complex jobs. They help experienced Directors find answers to thorny or unusual questions so they may resolve problems quickly.

Coordinate a Comprehensive Statewide Training Program

Members can meet and learn from state experts in management practices and professional skills as well as public policy and social issues facing older adults. Make sure you and your staffs take full advantage of our great training opportunities scheduled in every region of the state throughout the year!

Organize the Annual MCOA Training Conference

The annual MCOA conference is one of the largest conferences in the state focused upon the provision of services to older adults. It features 80 workshops plus plenary presentations about compelling issues on the aging agenda.

Support MCOA Workgroups and Issues Taskforces

MCOA staff lends support to all of the MCOA member workgroups and taskforces. Workgroups focus on improving service quality and increasing service capacity. Taskforces focus upon reforming systems or statutes to improve the quality of life of older adults. Join a group today to share your expertise and advance its mission!

Publish Manuals and Program Toolkits for You

Members can more quickly master an area of management or program development with the aid of MCOA’s large library of manuals. Over 40 manuals are available to members only via the association’s website.

Consumer outreach toolkits

are also there, for local outreach staff to download and modify for local use. They are great time savers!

Program toolkits

are also available, with details on how to organize the new programs and capture participate feedback and outcomes, plus more.

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