MCOA Alerts

COVID-19 Membership Alert #24

Good morning, This alert which is also posted on MCOA’s Coronavirus Vaccine webpage, is being sent to the membership to provide clarification on where COA’s may fit into the States vaccination plan. MCOA has received the following communication from EOEA: “The Phase...

COVID-19 Membership Alert #22

As the New Year unfolds, it brings with it hope, as we are now witnessing the distribution of the Vaccine for COVID-19. As one COA directly so aptly shared, “We have hope now, that soon we will know more people who have been vaccinated than people who have had COVID...

COVID-19 Membership Alert #21

Grant Opportunity! Addressing Social Isolation During the COVID-19 Pandemic ***Special Reeve Foundation National Paralysis Resource Center Quality of Life Grants Program*** The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation National Paralysis Resource Center and the United...

COVID-19 Membership Alert #20

As we enter this Labor Day weekend, we want to thank ALL of you who have labored so tirelessly over the last six months of this pandemic to ensure the older adults in your communities continue to receive crucial services and supports. You have set the bar on how to...

MCOA COVID-19 Membership Alert #19

Greetings to my Colleagues on the front lines of elder services, It is hard to believe that 5 months have passed since senior centers across the state started shutting down because of the pandemic. These times have been stressful, trying, and downright exhausting as...

MCOA COVID-19 Membership Alert #18

Important: Guidance for Day Programs Reopening is being issued today. MCOA has been asked by the Administration to reinforce to our Members that this guidance does not apply to senior centers or supportive day programs.

COVID-19 Membership Alert #17

As COA’s are thinking about and preparing to scale up their operations of Senior Center programs and services from remote to on-site activities, the MCOA Task Force on Reopening has developed suggested guidelines for consideration as you work with your local Board of...

COVID-19 Membership Alert #16

COVID-19 Membership Alert #16 Dated May 15, 2020 Elder Affairs has requested that all COA’s become key partners in sharing the below information from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, to older adults in their communities about the Governor’s order...

COVID-19 Membership Alert #15

Regional Conversations addressing Loneliness and Social Isolation Please join us to share your experiences, ideas and expertise as to how we can create socially inclusive communities. Before Coronavirus, loneliness and social isolation had reached epidemic proportions...

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