Past Grant Bid Opportunities

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Closed – Support Groups for Older Adults with Hearing Loss

MCOA is seeking proposals from COAs who want to initiate the development of Support Groups for Older Adults with Hearing Loss using the Toolkit provided as noted below, in FY 20’. Grants of $2,500 each will be awarded to 4 Councils on Aging.

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CLOSED – ESC Discovery Centers

MCOA seeks applications from COAs who want to participate as pilot site hosts for the Discovery Center, a place where older adults can receive coaching from “Transition Navigators” to decide how to give back to their community though volunteer service in nonprofits and/or municipalities.

The pilots will be conducted for 16 months (March 2020 thru June 2021).  Empower Success Corps Fellows will partner with the host sites in the delivery of the service. Two volunteers from your community (whom you recruit) will be trained by ESC Fellows to serve as the central staff known as “Transition Navigators”.  The TNs will learn how to coach individuals through a self-discovery process.  While they are not coaching, they will work to find service opportunities in your town and area with nonprofits as well as municipal and civic organizations and build up a directory of service jobs to aid others in finding less common service jobs.  Also, Boston College School of Social Work will lend support to evaluate the experience of the Transition Navigators and COA host site staff as well as participants who benefit from the pilot services.

Applications are due by 3 PM Friday February 21, 2020.  See the application instructions below for the questions and how to submit an application.

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CLOSED – Cultural Celebrations

MCOA seeks applications from COAs who want to conduct 2 or 3 month-long educational and social activities all exploring a diverse culture —its history, dress, food, music, textiles, poetry, etc. Grants of $300 (up to $125 per event maximum) will be awarded to 30 Councils on Aging; the grant is designed to contribute about 50% towards the costs for each month’s portfolio of activities.

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CLOSED – Walk With Ease and Matter of Balance Training

MCOA is looking to significantly increase the capacity of our network to offer effective Falls Prevention programs.  To do so, we are offering grants for training your personnel to become program leaders for the Walk with Ease Program and/or the Matter of Balance program.

After your personnel are trained and certified as program leaders, they must offer the program at least twice in both calendar year 2020 and 2021. The programs must be advertised to adults in your neighboring towns via local media and posted on the HLCE schedule so medical personnel will know the courses are available in your region.

Details about the Opportunity:

  • We are offering to fund the training cost for up to 50 leaders for the Walk with Ease program and up to 80 leaders (aka coaches) (40 pairs) for the Matter of Balance program.
  • This opportunity is available to COAs who are both members of MCOA and up-to-date on MCOA dues through the current fiscal year.
  • Applications must be submitted by January 15, 2020. All applications must be completed online at
  • Sites will be notified of their award by January 31, 2020.
  • Training for the Matter of Balance program is in person with a Master Trainer. The training sessions will last 8 hours.  All MOB Coaches are given A Matter of Balance Coaching Certification.
  • The cost to train 2 personnel will be paid by MCOA (a $300 value). The training for new MOB Coaches will be set up for COA personnel in 5-6 regions of the state; locations will be contingent upon grant awardee locations.  MOB Coaches Trainings will be held in late January/early February, with contingent snow dates.
  • In addition, MCOA will pay for each sites’ course materials that are provided to their older adult participants, up to 40 participants per site per year.
  • Training for Walk With Ease is a 2-3 hour online course; MCOA will pay the cost for the training fee and Guidebook (a $101 value). Personnel may take the training any time after January 10, 2020. Please note that you must also have CPR certification to become a Certified Walk With Ease Trainer.

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CLOSED – Website RFP

Whether you wish you had a website and don’t, are paying too much for hosting per year, or have to wait forever to get your town admin to make changes for you – we can help.  Let MCOA build you a website – at no cost to you!

Using funding from EOEA through the service incentive grant, we have created a template to quickly and easily build a website for you.  You can use your images, your newsletter, your copy – and we can even register your own URL for a small fee.  (A small link back to MCOA will be present at the bottom of the page.)

We believe this template is very flexible and will work for any COA.  You just need someone to populate the site.  A seasoned web administrator will help you learn how to make changes to your website, and be available to lend support should you get stuck.

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CLOSED–Living YOUR Best Life

MCOA is seeking proposals from COAs who want to conduct a six week ‘Living YOUR Best Life’ Resiliency Training Course. Grants of $4,000 each will be awarded to 10 Councils on Aging. 

“Living YOUR Best Life”, is an expanded version of the ‘Live Your Life Well’ Resilience one-day training, and is a 6 week program with one 3 hour class per week. The course is to be run by a skilled facilitator, who could be a LICSW or other Behavioral Health provider. The course contains 10 tools which are the foundation for the course, and programs should consider having a guest or expert speaker on some or all of the 10 tool topics.

MCOA will award grants through an open competitive application process. Grants will be made pending available funding from the Service Incentive Grant from Elder Affairs. Grant opportunities are available to all eligible COAs. Eligibility includes being a member of MCOA and being up to date on MCOA dues through the current state fiscal year. Awards made will be announced by October 31st, and projects can begin any time after the award is issued The course must be completed by, and funds must be expended by June 30, 2020.

Program Applications must be uploaded by COB October 18, 2019

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COAs that previously ran Live Your Life Well (xls)


CLOSED–Elder Mental Health Outreach Teams (EMHOT)

MCOA continues to be committed to advancing the health and well-being of older adults through offering access to timely flexible mental health services.  We are pleased to announce funding is available to fund two new Elder Mental Health Outreach Teams (EMHOT) projects.  This opportunity is open to member Councils on Aging, non-profit human services or mental health providers.

Program Description for the Elder Mental Health Outreach Teams (EMHOT)

We seek 2 large (large is defined as having a population greater than 8,000 adults age 60+) communities or regional entities in rural/underserved areas and/or gateway cities, that are not currently served by an existing EMHOT or EHOT, that can establish an Elder Mental Health Outreach Team to provide: mental health counseling, information and referral for mental health community resources, and direct connections to additional support services, to older adults in a timely, flexible, consumer-focused manner.  For example, the clinician may meet an individual in a geriatric psychiatric hospital or in their home if they cannot leave or travel without great burden. The EMHOT clinician(s) will work to initiate services and attend individuals’ immediate needs, and then link them with other longer term mental health supports.

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FAQs from the Bidder’s Conference



MCOA has 250 Aging Mastery Program kits for COAs who wish to run the course during the Fall or Spring of FY20. 


  • We are offering kits to all COAs – if the number of kits requested exceeds 250, then we will award prizes by random draw.
  • A simple application must be completed –
  • Applications must be submitted by August 9, 2019.
  • Sites will be notified of their award promptly.
  • This opportunity is available to COAs who are both members of MCOA and up-to-date on MCOA dues through the last fiscal year.

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CLOSED – Falls Prevention Awareness Month RFP

September is Falls Prevention Awareness month.  To support Falls Prevention Awareness, MCOA is offering a $150 mini-grant to COAs to host a Fall Prevention Awareness event to be held in September, 2019.  MCOA is able to offer this award due to the financial support it receives from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts.


  • We are offering grants to COAs who plan a creative way to directly impact someone, either through falls risk screenings by PTs for a large group of people and/or for individuals, providing items that can reduce falls, giving printed checklists for use at home to identify falls risks at home, and other types of interventions.
  • We can sponsor up to 30 sites.
  • A simple application process is required. Applications must be submitted by July 31, 2019.
  • The funded activity must occur in September, 2019
  • All invoices should be submitted to MCOA no later than October 31, 2019.

See full RFP

Falls Prevention Awardees


CLOSED–50+ Job Seeker’s Networking Groups

MCOA seeks proposals from COAs who want to become a host site for the 50+ Job Seekers Regional Networking Groups program.  The deadline for applications is COB, August 8, 2019. 

What Can Help?  MCOA has been steadily building a network of regional 50+ Job Seekers Networking Groups to ensure older adult job seekers have access to regular and professional networking opportunities – so essential for making a successful career transition! The groups meet regularly to provide BOTH training on 21st century job search techniques and the opportunity to network with all present.   We are committed to empowering older adults to meet the challenges of career and/or life transition, while moving towards a new and different second act career or pursuing a commitment to volunteer service.

The regional 50+ Job Seekers Networking Groups will meet biweekly from September/October to June at host locations on set days/times.  The groups are led by an experienced group leader (an experienced Career Coach that we will recruit for your site).  They provide a safe, professional and comfortable environment for older adults to learn modern job search strategies and techniques. The issue of ageism, and how to address it, is also integrated into each session.  This is vital for helping this demographic group recognizes and overcome this powerful form of discrimination. Participation in the program can significantly shorten the time required to find a new job, new career direction, or a transition into volunteerism.

MCOA makes grants for several reasons, including 1) to provide seed grants for starting creative, innovative services, 2) to encourage regional collaboration between Councils on Aging and/or other organizations in delivering vital services not yet available currently; and 3) to help COAs meet core administrative and/or programmatic needs. Please visit our web site at to find details about additional grant opportunities. This Request for Proposals (RFP) is a seed grant for operating an innovative regional program. It will provide funding to the host COA during the FY20 and FY21 service years, contingent upon receipt of sufficient funding under the Service Incentive Grant award to MCOA from the MA Executive Office of Elder Affairs.

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CLOSED — Go4Life Family Fun Walks

We encourage all COAs with or without walking clubs to host a community walking event/celebration during September 2019.  This year’s events will again have the theme of Go4Life Family Fun Walk. 

We are offering grants to all Councils on Aging on a first-come, first-served basis; however, those with existing Walking Clubs will be given priority. The grant will provide $250 to COAs to help with costs related to organizing a Go4Life Family Fun Walk in September.   MCOA is able to offer programs due to the financial support it receives from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Massachusetts.

  • Applications are due July 26, 2019.
  • The grant period is July 15, 2019 through October 30, 2019.
  • We can sponsor up to 60 sites.
  • We hope at least 60 towns across Massachusetts will host this annual event and try to make walking a much bigger theme for the residents of your town – of all ages!
  • It could be a great way to showcase the walkability of your downtown area by holding the walk on downtown sidewalks or around the perimeter of a cherished park.
  • Grant opportunities are available to COAs who are both members of MCOA and up to date on MCOA dues through the current state fiscal year.

See full RFP:  2019 Go4Life Family Fun Walk RFP 7.9.2019

Go4Life Walks FAQs

Walk Awardees


CLOSED–Assisted Listening Systems RFP

MCOA is committed to helping Senior Centers make their centers Welcoming Places for All – including adults who are hard of hearing.  To that end, MCOA is reoffering the opportunity for Councils on Aging to buy assistive listening systems at a steeply discounted price.  With this equipment, you can significantly improve the hearing ability of people who are hard of hearing in a variety of situations – during large group events, small group classes, and 1:1 conversations — where they have difficulty or cannot distinguish speech from other noises.

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