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 eSNAP Resources updated 1/13/23 pdf version

1. Average SNAP awards by city/town (age 60, single, living alone) – Jun23 SNAP data (includes reimbursed skimmed funds so values may be higher than usual), Dec22 (average SNAP awards and Emergency Allotment data) 
2. MCOA DTA training – SNAP emergency allotments (2/7/23) presentation slidesself declaration medical expense, outreach partner flyer, fax cover sheetconsent to release information, 2023 Income Guidelines
3. EOEA DTA training – SNAP emergency allotments (2/1/23) slides Informational Webinar for Aging Services Newtork – End of SNAP Extra 1.31.2023.
4. SNAP medical deductions checklist helps maximize your benefits.
5. SNAP Max Purchase Power – Want to see how much the maximum SNAP award can buy? Download the flyer here.

2024 Nutrition News You Can Use

Nutrition News You Can Use – Organized by month, MCOA Simmons University interns provide nutrition information and recipes tied to disease prevention and health observances. COAs are welcome to copy and paste all or parts of the copy provided. This includes the color photos (and credits) available at the end of each article. Shorten the copy to fit in your newsletter, social media, etc. Use them sporadically or for a year-long series. Let us know if you need additional subject matter created! 


– Fiber & Plant-Based Foods
It’s Veganuary! No, this does not mean we’re encouraging you to become a vegan, but to learn to embrace plant-based eating. Read/Download

February – National Cherry Mont
Cherries are in season, so let’s head to our nearest grocery store to grab them. Read/Download

March – National Kidney Month
No, we aren’t talking about kidney beans, but your two kidneys! Read/Download

April – Arab American Heritage Month  
During the month of April, the Arab American Foundation celebrates the culture and achievements of Arab Americans across the nation. Read/Download

May – Celiac Disease Awareness Month
Since May is Celiac Disease Awareness Month it’s a great time to tackle misinformation that surrounds the gluten-free diet and celiac disease. Read/Download

June – Beet Season
Summer is officially here and so are beets. Read/Download

July – National Grilling Month  
Who doesn’t love to get outside in the sun and grill their favorite foods? Read/Download

August– Healthy Aging with Fruits  
It’s the warmest month of the summer, which means we’re spending more time in the sun. Read/Download

September – World Alzheimer’s Disease Month
Since this month is World Alzheimer’s Disease Month, we will be looking at how the consumption of nuts and seeds can positively impact brain health and delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. Read/Download

October – Pumpkin & Your Vision
It’s October, which means we are officially carving pumpkins just in time for Halloween! Read/Download

November – It’s Soup Season!
Sandwiches are bread salads, but soups are liquid salads! Read/Download

December – Does Vitamin C Boost Immunity?
We might have to break one of the biggest health myths to end the year. Read/Download


2023 Nutrition News You Can UseOrganized by month, MCOA’s Simmons University nutrition intern, Suzanne Reasenberg, provides summaries of nutrients, disease prevention methods and health observances. COAs are welcome to copy and paste all or parts of the information provided. This includes the color photos (and credits) available at the end of each article. Shorten the copy to fit in your newsletter, social media, etc. Use them sporadically or for a year-long series.

Cooking as Self-Care – Looking for cooking demo/nutrition ed session? Share or show these videos in your center. Encourage your local community access channel to schedule the Cooking as Self Care (CASC) segments. Each is less than 30 minutes long and can be downloaded from Massachusetts Media eXchange (MMX). MMX is a video sharing platform hosted by MassAccess for the use of community media stations across the Commonwealth. For more information, visit

Month Title Links
January One Pot, One Pan video, recipe handout, MA-Grown Produce Availability Calendar
Bowl O’Goodness video, recipe handout, African Heritage Diet food list, African Heritage Diet brochure, Bowl Template, MA-Grown Produce Availability Calendar
Fads & Myths video, recipe handoutMA-Grown Produce Availability Calendar
April Diversity Eats video, recipe handout, Blue Zones meal planner, Food Safety and Eating Out, Global Foods for a Healthy Plate
Eat for Better Sleep  
June Stuck in a Meal Rut  
July Seasonal Picnic  
Waste Not  
Nutrient Nitty Gritty  
October Cooking for One  
November Holiday Features  
Cozy Comforts  
MCOA 2020 Fall Conference – Cooking as Self Care recipe


Assorted Resources

Keep Food Safe this Summer Toolkit May-June (social media posts)

NCOA’s Healthy Aging Evidence-Based Programs

Grandfamilies/Kinship Families Federal Nutrition Fact Sheet

Nutrition Community Checklist Self-Assessment

Considerations for Senior Nutrition Programs, Signage & Communication Resources, Resources List.

Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2020-2025 (Chapter 6 Older Adults, p.121)

Stepping up Your Nutrition (SUYN) – Free training for councils on aging!
This is a 30-minute, self-paced, online leader training. It provides resources to conduct nutrition-based falls reduction workshops and malnutrition information and tools. After completing the online training, SUYN Leaders can deliver the interactive workshop virtually or in person. Contact for the training link.

Shelf-Stable Food Box List



Massachusetts Commission on Malnutrition Prevention Among Older Adults annual reports: 2020, 2019, 2018

Defeat Malnutrition Today (DMT)

DMT’s policy agenda

DMT’s National Blueprint


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