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Recommendations for Reopening- Scaling Up Senior Center Operations

The MCOA Task Force has provided the suggested guidelines below for consideration in working with your local Board of Health and other municipal officials regarding the prospective reopening and/or the scaling up of operations at your senior centers. These are based on guidance from the State, CDC and other sources.  The following are fluid documents and will be updated as warranted.

While re-starting certain programs and/or services may work at one COA, they may not work for another; this is why it is important that each COA follows state and local guidance from their boards of health and other municipal officials regarding the reopening and scaling up of the operations of their senior centers.

Stage 1

Overall Considerations for Transportation Services provided by COA’s

Overall Considerations for Senior Center Facilities

Stage 2

MCOA will be providing you with both, COVID-19 Operations and Communications Plan templates for each of the following areas:

The Operations Plan templates are based on the State’s guidance that all businesses in the state of MA must develop a written control plan outlining how it will comply with the mandatory safety standards for operation in the COVID-19 reopening period for: Social Distancing, Hygiene Protocols, Staffing and Operations and Cleaning and Disinfecting. The Operations Plans will also contain links to additional guidance on the specific areas; Centers, Transportation, and Programs and Services.


External resources from other communities that may be of interest.

Disclaimer-The links presented here are intended for informational purposes only. These links do not constitute an endorsement or an approval by MCOA. MCOA bears no responsibility for the accuracy, legality or content of the external site or for that of subsequent links.

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Resources from the Metropolitan Area Planning Council: Sample Social Media Posts and images that can be used to encourage people to wear masks in public.


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