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Honoring Choices


Make a Health Care Plan and Connect to Person-Centered Care

Massachusetts Association of Councils on Aging has partnered with Honoring Choices Massachusetts to bring you up-to-date health care planning information, MA documents & tools, and discussion guides.

It’s Your Health Care. It’s Your Choice.

All competent adults, 18 years old and older, have the right to make their own health care choices and make a personal health care plan. A Health Care Plan is your road map to promote everyday wellness, plan for the future, and receive the best possible care that honors your choices all through your life.

How Do I Make a Health Care Plan?

Honoring Choices has an easy to use 3-Step Planning Guide to help you make a plan and get connect to person-centered care in your community. See

The 3 Step Planning Guide helps you to:

  • Step 1: EXPLORE. Consider information and reflect on your values & beliefs to make choices for care,
  • Step 2: PLAN. Use the Tool Kits & 5 Massachusetts planning documents to communicate your choices,
  • Step 3: CONNECT. Put your plan into action to promote everyday wellness and honor your choices.

What’s in Your Plan?

Here are the 5 care planning documents we use in Massachusetts. You can downlaond and print individually, or use the do-it-yourself “Who’s Your Agent?” Program  Tools Kits below:


To read more, go to


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