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Motion Picture Licensing


Movies at the Senior Center

The Massachusetts Councils on Aging (MCOA) has a long-standing working relationship with Motion Picture Licensing Corporation (MPLC) to provide members with a discount on MPLC’s Umbrella License® which allows senior centers to play movies legally for activities and events.

Would your center like to schedule a senior matinée, holiday movie, or classic film festival? Senior centers that wish to play movies that are legally obtained, whether rented, purchased, or borrowed via DVD, downloaded, or through a streaming service, must have a public performance license to comply with the US Copyright Act. While noncompliance carries steep and significant penalties, it is equally important to program activities at your center legally and with integrity.

The MPLC Umbrella License is a simple and affordable copyright compliance solution. This annual license keeps you safe from the fines and embarrassment that a copyright violation can impose upon your center, and gives you low-cost access to a variety of titles from over 1,000 motion picture rightsholders, ranging from major Hollywood studios like Disney, Warner Bros., and Twentieth Century Fox, to independent and family friendly producers.

Our members can purchase an annual license from MPLC at a reduced rate of over 35% off the standard non-member rate.

If you currently show movies at your senior center or wish to start, you need the Umbrella License. Classic films, educational programs, holiday favorites, and movie matinées are all a click away with a public performance license from MPLC.  See the full list of studios affiliated with your license here.

To ensure copyright compliance at your senior center, simply complete the application provided in the custom brochure for MCOA members. For questions and additional information about MPLC’s simple and affordable license, please contact MPLC directly at (800) 462-8855 to take advantage of the MCOA member discount. If you are currently an MPLC license holder, there is no need to reapply; MPLC will send you a renewal license and invoice directly.

Obtaining the Umbrella License is a simple one-step process that will allow your seniors to enjoy Hollywood movies and give you legal peace of mind.

Download the brochure to see details on licensing.


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