How do I submit a proposal?

Proposals are submitted online at https://mcoaonline.com/submit-a-workshop-proposal/.

When can I submit a proposal?

The call for presentations process is currently open.  The deadline to submit a proposal is May 18.  Please know that we do accept proposals up to the date of the conference, but there is no guarantee you will be considered or scheduled if you submit after May 18.

When and where is the MCOA Fall Conference?

The MCOA Fall Conference is October 2-4, 2019 at the DoubleTree by Hilton Boston North Shore in Danvers, MA.

I’m not a member of MCOA, can I still submit a proposal?

Yes.  Anyone is welcome to submit a proposal for the MCOA Fall Conference.

What is the submission fee?

There is no fee to submit a proposal.

Where do I put my stipend?

We do not generally pay a stipend to presenters at our conference.  If you require a stipend, you will need to contact Kathy Bowler at kathy@mcoaonline.com to discuss.

What kind of session formats do you offer?

We generally offer 75 minute workshops or 3-hour intensives.  Friday workshops are all intensives.  This year, workshops in the afternoons will be one hour.

What A/V support do you offer?

There is a projector and screen in each presentation room.  You must supply your own laptop.  We do have limited adapters available on a first come, first served basis should you need an adapter for the projector.

What topics are you accepting workshops for?

We accept workshops on a wide variety of topics that would be of interest to professionals in the aging network.  These could include:

  • Successful Management and Leadership Skills: Human Resources, Effective Communications, Budgeting, Staff Development,  Planning, Evaluation:
  • Cutting-Edge Gerontological Research:  Chronic Disease Prevention, Fall Prevention, Hearing and Vision Loss, Oral Health
  • How to Succeed as a Municipal Employee:  Understanding Open Meeting Laws, Ethics Law, Team Building with Department Heads, Finding a Mentor, Dealing with Difficult Personalities
  • Reaching Underserved Populations: Multicultural Aging, LBGTQ Aging and Community, Diversity and Inclusion, related subjects
  • Aging in Community and Innovative programs:  Age-Friendly, Community based services, Transportation and Mobility, Rural Aging. Housing, Intergenerational programs
  • Developing Advocacy Initiatives: Partnerships, Campaign to Reverse Ageism,
  • Marketing and Public Relations Skills: Collaborations and outreach best practices
  • Best Practices:  Program advances to promote senior centers as welcoming places for all, reduce social isolation,
  • Law and Aging:  Estate Planning, Conservators and Guardianships; Trusts, Wills, Scams, Elder Abuse,
  • Nutrition and Health:  SNAP, Malnutrition Prevention
  • Caregiving: Family Caregiving, Memory Cafes, Alzheimer’s  Disease and Related Dementia, Long Term Care, Home Care Services
  • Lifelong Learning and Engagement:  Brain Fitness, Volunteerism, Positive Aging
  • Trends in Aging and Senior Centers: Advances  in services, programs, health promotions, skills or perspective
  • Mental Health:  Substance Abuse, Suicide, Loneliness and Isolation
  • Religion, Spirituality and Meaning: Death and Dying, Collaborations with Faith-Based Agencies
  • Technology and Innovation: Social Media, TeleHealth, APPS, related topics

I’m having trouble with the proposal form.  Who can I contact?

Please contact Lynn Wolf at lynn@mcoaonline.com.

How do I know that you have received my proposal?

You will receive a confirmation email with a copy of your proposal submission within a few minutes of it being submitted online.  If you do not for any reason receive the email, please contact Lynn Wolf at lynn@mcoaonline.com to confirm that your proposal was received.

Can I edit my proposal once it’s submitted?

Should you need to change any part of your submission, please contact Lynn Wolf at lynn@mcoaonline.com.

When will I be notified about my proposal?

You should hear if your proposal is accepted by mid-July.

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