How to Submit a Workshop Proposal

Submission for workshop proposals are online only.  Please review the information needed.

  • Presenter and co-presenters – Please list each name with title and organization.
  • Workshop Title – Does it fit your presentation? Is it catchy?  Will it attract attendees?
  • Workshop Description – Please describe your workshop. Keep it concise but detailed.
  • Presentation format – Select all that apply.
  • Target Audience – Who will your program speak to?
  • Will you be applying for CEUs?
    • If yes, you will need the following:
      • Three learning (not teaching) objectives. Your objectives should complete the sentence, “in this workshop, attendees will learn…”
      • Three bibliographical references. These can be books, journals, or websites.
      • A short paragraph on how your workshop applies to social work.  This is for social work CEUs only.  Please write a short paragraph on how your program applies to social workers.
    • Your preferred day to present. Choose the day and timeframe that best suits your schedule.  Please be as flexible as possible.  While we try to fit everyone in to the timeframes requested, not everyone can have second and third session.
    • The length of your workshop. Workshops are 75 minutes or any multiple of that time (example:  three hours for a two-part workshop).  Friday intensives are 3 hours.
    • References for your workshop if you have presented it before.

Click here to submit your proposal.

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