2016 Conference Materials

2016 Conference Booklet


Below are the presentations available from the 2016 Conference.  If you do not see a presentation listed here, it is because we did not receive it from the presenter.

Starting and Sustaining a Memory Cafe

Presented by Beth Soltzberg


Memory Programming for COA’s:  Continuity of Support

Presented by Lisa Ushkurnis, Jamie Donchan and Liz Bourque


Financial Challenges for Older Adults

Presented by Cheryl Cannon


Creating Dementia Friendly Communities … One Year Later

Presented by Christine Alessandro, Kelly Burke, and Arthur Bergeron


It Costs What???

Presented by Cynthia Phillips and Kathy Devine


Social Security Retirement and Medicare Benefits Overview

Presented by Delia DeMello and Roberto Medina


Affordable Housing in Your Community and How to Access It

Presented by Emily Cooper


Building a Robust Medical Device Loan Closet

Presented by Karen Langley

The Transition to Senior Centers for Newly Housed Elders

Presented by Mimi Yasgur and Christine Tassia


Elder Economic Insecurity:  2016 Revision to Elder Index Shows 61% of Elders Have Insufficient Incomes – What Can You Do to Help?

Presented by Jan Mutchler and Mary Kay Browne


Senior Transportation: Coordination Strategies and MassDOT’s Community Transit Grant Program

Presented by Rachel Fictenbaum and Jillian Linnell


Reaching Everyone: Ensuring That Your Programs and Services are Inclusive and Accessible

Presented by Rachel Tanenhaus


Financial Exploitation – Spotting the Signs and Addressing Concerns

Presented by Sarah Peterson


Schmoozing 101:  Developing Effective Relationships with the Decision-Makers

Presented by Tina Gorman


Using Interns as a Support to Your COA

Presented by Doreen Brothers and Vanessa Kahrman


Accessing Prescription Meds: Resources and Strategies to Help Older Adults Get the Medications They Need

Presented by Victoria Howard