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Devices and Device Management

If a community has broadband service, access to devices along with support in learning how to use devices is essential to connecting people to the wide array of online programming that is available. COAs across the Commonwealth are utilizing desktops, laptops, IPads, Grandpads, cell phones, and voice recognition devices such as Alexa or Google Home to reach out into the community and provide access to programming. These devices also allow older adults to connect with programming not only in their community but around the globe.

Click on the links below to find sample guidance on purchasing devices and device management.


  • Listen to a MCOA Zoom Training on Laptops and other Devices:

Power Point:  MCOA -Talking About Devices-9-21-2020

Chat:  Chat from devices training



  • Make sure that you also check out all of the programming available – on all type so devices as well as options for offering technical assistance for seniors.

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