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Come join the fun!

YouTube Music Therapy from Cara Brindisi. Check it out!
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Memory Lane Videos – Mike Elliott: The Fabulous 40’s – Part 1 
The Memory Lane shows were constructed as a combination of music therapy, reminiscence therapy, and cinema therapy—an interactive multimedia show described as “nostalgia on steroids”, the best of best of the pop culture in any particular year. Rare, live performances of the original artists singing the top songs of the year, the most memorable scenes from the highest grossing films, and the funniest scenes from the most popular TV shows. The specialty shows narrow the field to such performers as Sinatra and Elvis, or holidays such as Bob Hope and the USO shows (Veterans and Memorial days) and the Christmas special.



Let’s Play SongBurst!
Play a fun game on zoom! Participants are given a few words from song lyrics (without the music) as a clue and they try to guess the song.  If after the first clue, you can’t guess the song, you’re given a few more words and so on and then at the end (after the song is guessed).  Have a link to a YouTube video of the actual song – preferably with lyrics so they can sing along.  Play slideshow FROM BEGINNING and advance by using your arrow key or spacebar to show the next clue.

PowerPoint slides are generously included from the Swansea COA Director!

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