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Exercise Programs

Pre-recorded videos to help older adults stay active and independent. As always, you should check with your physician to ensure you are able to participate in any physical activity before accessing video sessions.

By participating in these exercise classes, you assume all dangers, hazards and risks of such  participation. SOME of the exercises demonstrated by the  instructors in these video classes are physically demanding. If you are unable to safely perform these exercises, please modify them for your own safety or choose a different set of exercises.


Healthy Bones and Balance video

The class consists of seated strength training exercises and standing strength training and balance exercises with a warm up and cool down. The program is lead and demonstrated by Healthy Bones and Balance leaders for this area.


Joe Fish Fitness
J.Fish Fitness presents Stay Active and Independent for Life YouTube video.
To contact Joe:


Safety Tips for Exercising Outdoors for Older Adults

Get outside! But check out these tips first to keep you safe!


Four Types of Exercise Can Improve Your Health and Physical Ability

Did you know endurance, strength, balance, and flexibility exercises all have different benefits? People tend to focus on only one.

Check out this link to learn more!


Additional Sites

Check out these websites with a range of exercise videos for older adults:



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