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Remember the Telephone? Reaching Seniors without Internet Access.

These phone-based communities offer a variety of opportunities for social engagement, lifelong learning, peer interaction, and support groups for older adults who wish to get engaged from the comfort of their own home.

Covia Well-Connected
Well Connected is a community made up of participants, staff, facilitators, presenters, and other volunteers who care about each other and who value being connected. All groups are accessible by phone from wherever you are at no cost to you.

(877) 797-7299

DOROT’s University Without Walls (UWW) program offers hundreds of teleconference programs, appealing to a wide range of interests – all over the telephone. Participants from New York and across the country can choose from ever-changing topics and perennial favorites such as Museum Discussions, Literature & Storytelling, Music & Performing Arts, Current Events, Jewish Interests, and Health & Wellness. Support groups enable older adults to connect with peers over common experiences such as vision loss and coping with the loss of a loved one. Class size is limited to encourage discussion.

 (877) 819-9147

Family Eldercare, Lifetime Connections Without Walls
Lifetime Connections Without Walls is a telephone activities program that provides opportunities for older adults to connect with others in their community and across the country. Social and educational sessions, support groups, and friendly conversation are offered all from the comfort of home.

(888) 500-6472

Mather Lifeways, Telephone Topics
With Telephone Topics, you simply call a toll-free number to listen to a wide range of interesting discussions and programs.

(888) 600-2560

Massachusetts Councils
on Aging

116 Pleasant Street, Suite 306
Easthampton, MA 01027
Telephone: 413-527-6425
Fax: 413-527-7138